Last Updated: September 3, 2023

Kendall Legal: Your Trusted Atlanta Attorney for Uber and Lyft Accident Cases

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have transformed the way we travel in Atlanta, offering convenience and accessibility like never before. However, accidents involving these services can be legally complex and emotionally challenging. When you’re involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, you need an experienced attorney who understands the unique dynamics of these cases. Chris Kendall, your dedicated attorney in Atlanta, GA, is here to fight for your rights and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Meet Chris Kendall: Your Rideshare Accident Advocate

Chris Kendall is not just a lawyer – he’s your advocate in the Atlanta community. With extensive experience in personal injury law, Chris is committed to helping those injured in Uber and Lyft accidents. When you choose Chris Kendall, you benefit from:

  1. Local Expertise: Chris Kendall is a proud member of the Atlanta community. He knows the city, its streets, and the specific legal nuances of Georgia. His local knowledge is invaluable when handling rideshare accident cases in Atlanta.
  2. Compassion: Chris understands the physical, emotional, and financial toll a rideshare accident can take on you and your family. He offers compassionate support and guidance throughout the entire legal process.

Kendall Legal Rideshare Legal Services

  1. Accident Investigation: Chris Kendall conducts thorough investigations to determine the cause of your Uber or Lyft accident. This includes examining factors such as driver negligence, road conditions, and other potential causes.
  2. Liability Assessment: Identifying who is responsible for the accident is crucial. Chris works diligently to establish liability, whether it’s the rideshare driver, another driver, or another party.
  3. Injury Compensation: If you’ve been injured in a rideshare accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Chris Kendall will tirelessly pursue a fair settlement or favorable verdict on your behalf.
  4. Insurance Negotiations: Dealing with rideshare companies’ insurance policies can be complex. Chris handles negotiations to ensure you receive the maximum settlement possible, protecting your rights throughout the process.

Get Back on the Road to Recovery

A rideshare accident can be a challenging and life-altering experience, but you don’t have to face it alone. Chris Kendall is here to guide you through the legal process, protect your interests, and help you on the path to recovery.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, reach out to Chris Kendall for a consultation. Chris is ready to be your advocate and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact him today to start the journey toward a brighter future.

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